Frequently Asked Questions

Núria is a glass-bottom boat. It has a glass panel in front of each bench, on the hull (“floor”) of the boat, through which you can see the sea bottom in shallow areas (mainly the coves and a section of the Medes Islands). There you can see rocky or sandy bottoms, posidonia meadows, and the fish present at that moment. Keep in mind that these are wild fish, some days you see more, some days less.

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (5 minutes more or less). In summer, when we stop for a swim, it usually extends to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

During the excursion, we provide an overview of the surroundings and point out the main places we pass by. It is not exactly a guided tour, it is a small group excursion between passengers and a crew that knows the area and will be happy to provide you with any information you are interested in.

Whenever weather conditions allow, in summer we usually make a 10-minute stop at a coastal spot for those who want to swim. We start making this stop on June 15th on all trips. From August 15th, we stop making it on the 7:00 pm trip, as the day gets shorter and this way we reach the Medes Islands in time to see the sunset. On the other trips, we usually make it until mid to late September, depending on the weather (do not hesitate to check with us before coming!).

The trip is not intended for eating and drinking, but there is no problem if you want to bring a bottle of water (alcoholic beverages are not allowed).

Yes, suitable for all ages! We have visitors from a few months old babies to elderly people.

No, there is not much space on the boat…
Depending on the schedule, you can leave it at the information desk at the port or in the office. Let us know beforehand to confirm opening hours.

To get on the boat you have to go down 4 steps. Núria is an old fishing boat and we regret to inform that it is not equipped for wheelchairs…

Yes, dogs are welcome on Núria, as long as you think they will enjoy the trip (they shouldn't be very nervous dogs…). In summer, they can come on the 7:00 pm trip. In spring and autumn, they can come on all trips. It is essential to reserve their spot, as a maximum of 2 dogs per trip are allowed. Let us know if your dog is coming with you!

We will notify you as soon as possible and you can either reschedule for another trip or, if it doesn't suit you or there is no availability, we will refund your money.

On days with northern or rough seas, we cannot guarantee entering the cave for safety reasons. You can read section 8 of our sales policy for more information.

No, there is neither a bar nor a WC on the boat. At the port, a few meters from Núria, there are public facilities.

No, smoking is not allowed on the boat.

Núria is an open boat to better appreciate the views of the Montgrí cliffs. If you don't like the sun, in summer we recommend coming on the morning trips or late afternoon. Since it is an outdoor activity, we recommend wearing sunscreen and a hat or cap.

Keep in mind that it is an outdoor activity. In summer or during the hours of higher solar radiation, we recommend wearing sunscreen and a hat or cap. On windy days, a jacket is never too much at sea (a light one in summer). If you come in summer, you can bring a swimsuit, towel, and goggles in case we stop for a swim!

We always advise making a reservation as there are limited spots. In August, especially, we recommend reserving a few days in advance.

No, you can show the ticket or confirmation email from your mobile.

You can check your SPAM folder. We have noticed that users of some email providers (such as or have issues receiving our emails.
If you haven't received it, you can check that the payment was made correctly from your bank. There you should see the reservation number. If the payment was not made, the reservation is not completed.
If you have any questions, you can contact us at (+34) 972 665 902 or via WhatsApp at (+34) 654 698 848.

The crew, at the time of boarding, will indicate the seat assigned to you.

No, only children have special prices. You can check them on the page. Prices

The boat can accommodate around 20 people.

Yes, many families, companies, or groups of friends reserve Núria privately. You can be up to 20 people and it has a fixed price (which varies depending on the time of year). Keep in mind that we aim to offer a quiet outing within a natural park, it is not meant for drinking alcohol, eating, or playing music (we do not accept bachelor/bachelorette parties of this nature).
You can contact us by email or phone if you want more information or to check the availability of the day you are interested in.

Of course! You can contact us by email or phone if you want to make a gift voucher. They can be for a fixed date or an open date (they do not expire!).

We make trips every day from Easter (March – April, depending on the year) until All Saints' Day (early November). Outside these months, you can contact us to check availability for a private trip.